Lights! Camera! Chaos!!

I don’t settle, nothing is good enough. I want the best. I have seen so many people want something and then settle. It makes me sad, letting such potential go to waste.

Yesterday I had to jump through so many hoops and I was on the verge of tears many times. It was insane I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to get the photo shoot done, I had to keep reminding myself to stop thinking to calm down take a deep breath and then figure it out. I got so blessed that even last minuet I got to reserve the photography studio (even if fashion students aren’t allowed to reserve it)
for the photo shoot I had to get the photo studio reserved I went to talk to the lady at school in charge of reserving those rooms she was frustrated because there was no power in her office so she wasn’t able to look it up to see if there’s time available she asked me to come back later, when I went back she said its reserved until four and there’s a class in there at six so I was like alright Ill take it! Then time issues with my model and photographer came up and I started freaking out again worrying if only an hour would be enough to shoot and get good photos. I calmed myself down and decided if anything I could set everything up myself and take some pictures myself. I took my final for my class i was in and at four I went to the cage and rented out a camera then my model came and said she got out early! I felt relieved! Then she changed into the first outfit and then we hear a knock at the door! My photographer got out of class early and had a friend come help also!!
(at 5 we heard a knock again Very persistent knock! it was the teacher of the class that starts at 6. We show him the paper that shows we were approved to be in that room. He gets mad saying we should have never gotten approved because there’s a class. ha ha Oh well! ^,^)
Watching clothes that I made on someone and having a photo shoot completely for me and the stuff I made! Oh goodness! Seriously nothing beats that feeling. Absolutely nothing!! I could only imagine how I would react when my clothes are coming down the runway!

on the way home my mom says “TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!!” So i tell her of my crazy day and she tells me how proud she is of me and Ugh!! She starts crying and then I start crying like two big cry babies! I feel so completely blessed. I have now realized where I am in my life and how insane this talent I have is. Like for the first time I realize it. My dream is right here within my grasp!


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