Wonder: Wander

These are my colors I have chosen for my Knit wear Collection.


Here are a few inspirational pictures for my collection and the direction I am planning going for.

000fb69c673828c0a3e254afd9bca8c7 7b387e0abf0e433531838b9fa53a40ef10e5293b16c7214c8e588cc609e1b3812d83e48eb72f9db0693dec37dfd72183   6c323dccb96aa797f1d232fc550067ef eba50359d5be4f2886508dc4f5c5a861giorgio-armani-spring-summer-2015-ad-campanha-013original   cda93668979d3684c9308b1433573e6b da1dbff80ead044df2d6973cb1e2cb75  cf492408d963adc7cba80ac3d2b040fa   a028e496ee129d556d0c6436d379959f a2d6f0daa618692d2ba6a411b5884a72 52113b06a99e8bec08a66a882523b803   9408c8c9fae00bbca2266716730ee53a  303981c62fdcf006e45ef4d1c2322ec35247aa71840cd510c36d68b7cecc1eb9 731be2837b6a005a6728df057ed38859 71dfe531532e760190fb15eddfdd1012  42c2a26680ff8b4be98af229bbc0e5ee 26b6f6c603aa77c4f948fff0c8c5e2f9a0e3944a4d73b965e3daa9326a86e41d


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