So Magic was such an amazing trip. I learned so much about the fashion industry. There were people from all around the world, from all different parts of the industry. It was amazing and such a great feeling to be surrounded by all these people who share the same love of fashion that I do. When we first arrived, we had walked through the first area of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where all the up and coming brands and designers had their booths set up. There were so many very talented people who were showing their work. I really was feeling all the butterflies, it was such a magical moment for me, feeling so close to my dream!

These pictures are from the same booth. I thought these mannequins were so cool. I seen a few that were this tall but different colors. I loved the sparkles and the bright colors.

I noticed with the booths, that I looked past a lot of them when it didn’t look inviting or when the booth wasn’t cohesive. For example I seen a few booths that the set up of the booth was very specific to a certain style like Bohemian but the clothes or the things they would handout didn’t match, like they were too edgy for that bohemian feel of the booth. The booths that had the most people were the ones that all had the same feeling all throughout their booths.

This experience got me so inspired to start on my booth for my Portfolio show when I graduate. I also want to work on it so I am not rushing when I get to that point.

After we walked through and networked with a few people and got a lot of business cards! We went to a couple seminars. The first one was about High-Tech Fashion “Fashion For The Future” first speaker was from Haggar Clothing, The second speaker was Claire Ortiz from Ortiz Industries.

A few things that I have taken away from this seminar:

-Clothes should be as intuitive and dynamic as you are.

-Biodegradable’s are the future.

-It is important to make sure the fabrics and clothes are easy care.

The second seminar that I went to was for Pantone. Color of the year 2015 is Marsala. Probably the most gorgeous deep earthy red EVER!!! I absolutely love this color. Thinking of making an entire collection using that color!


This speech was so spectacular because the colors she was using in her presentation and all the images. For spring/ summer 2016 you will experience color. The colors that are going to be very popular in fashion are inspired by nature and foods. Everything will be very organic and earthy, she used the word “Fresh” a lot to explain the colors. I completely loved the colors I was inspired and wanted to just start designing.

The second day of Magic was crazy busy day. First we started off at Mandalay Bay Convention center, we went to the shows they had there. Most people there were to themselves, but these people already know who to look out for and talk to so since they seen a big group I am sure it was obvious to them that we were just a big group of students. We went through the show fairly quick because no one really interacted with us. We got a little break then went over to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

It was so amazing to just sit and people watch. My favorite thing to do is people watch and look at peoples different styles, because that is going to be my customer base. We went through some of the Sourcing part of the convention center.

The next seminar we went to was for Social Media, we heard from Lindsay Anvik who is the CEO for See Endless Inc. which is a brand and marketing consulting company. She was such an intelligent woman who you can tell knows what she is talking about. She said it is important to treat your social media for your company as if it is retail. I learned So much from her.

The last seminar I went to was Phenomenal! It was titled “What it starts to start a Fashion Line” Mercedes Gonzales was such an awesome woman. She is a tough hilarious woman, I adore her completely. She said first thing you need to do, decide if you want to be Rich or do you want to be Famous? It is impossible to have both, Example, Marc jacobs he has his own collection but he has a day job working at Louis Vuitton. Stella McCartney works at Chloe. They are famous, but they have a day job at another company. So it is important to decide which you want, or which is more important to you. In the fashion industry, No one is your friend!! Everyone is out for themselves and to make money. Go completely beyond what it is that you are asked to do. When you get to the step where you have your collection made you need to know your business plan when a buyer comes to you asking questions you need to know what they will ask and you need to know the answers. Don’t make them work because if you do, they will move on.  Also, Know your customer!! You aren’t selling who to a customers personality, you are selling to a person who Wants to be that person, you are selling them their fantasy. Know who your brand is like, Example I am like Marc Jabos style at a Mossimo price point to American Apparel customers. You get the simplicity but also a hint of luxury. If your company was a person you need to know EVERYTHING about that person.

Clearly i took a lot away from this seminar. I was so inspired by this trip, I felt like I need to go home and start designing NOW!!! It prepared me for my future in the fashion industry. I am so excited to continue with school and do what I need to do make sure I completely exceed all expectations people have of me. I want people to be blown away with the things I create.

Thank you all so much for reading and being a part of my trip even if it is just a tiny bit of a review. I love you all so much! xoxoxo.



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