Inspiration of the month: March

Starting something new, I will be posting every month some one who has totally inspired me . I am always inspired by everything and everyone around me, So I am really excited to share these with you all!.

Anna Dello Russo

Paris Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo is the Editor At Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan which holds the reputation for being the most cutting edge in all the vogue editions. ADR claims to be an avid collector of fashion and jewelry, which is evident in her closet. She owns over 4,000 pairs of shoes.

She is a walking work of art. I absolutely love watching ADR and what she wears. She is inspirational to me because she isn’t afraid to be different. In fact she embraces being different and I adore that. I really think that is a beautiful quality to have. Everything she wears she wears it like no one else and she could clearly pull absolutely anything off.

ANNA-DELLO-RUSSO   Anna Dello Russo10.4490733ar_0

I think that she is a brilliant and talented woman. I love everything she wears and I wish I had the guts to wear what she wears.



One thought on “Inspiration of the month: March

  1. Thank you for introducing her to some of us that never heard of her. she is amazing and not afraid to get out there with fashion. She is tall and she can pull it off. she looks great…. can’t wait to read your monthly blog 🙂


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