My style: Casual

My casual days

On my days off I love being comfy, but i always try to be stylish, ALWAYS.

  1. I just recently bought a large oversize button up white top and it is my FAVORITE. Still on the search for a more tailored one, but this will do. I like to wear it with a pair of ripped jeans, I love messy cuffs at the bottom of my jeans. I like to wear this outfit with my old beat up converse, who actually likes clean converse..?

  2. I have this large baggy tank that says “homie dont you know me” I love it because how comfortable it is! I normally wear it with my favorite pair of capri ripped jeans that I also do a messy cuff at the bottom. I wear oxfords with this outfit to somewhat mix odd styles together. Might think these would be uncomfortable shoes for a casual day, but I have a few different oxfords that are all very comfy!

  3. My last outfit for casual days would be flannels, who doesn’t love flannels? I don’t think they will ever completely be out of style. I wear it with any pair of jeans and my boots. I love this outfit because I really can wear this anytime of the year. Not too hot not too cold.

I mix and match these outfits and you should try some of these pairs. Send me your outfits! I would love to see them.

Have a great day guys. I love you!




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