Inspiration of the month: April 2015

A well known actress, director, humanitarian, wife and above all else a mother.1394127995_476237999_angelina-jolie-zoom

Angelina Jolie is someone who has completely grown from being a crazy beautiful mess, to a strong woman anyone could admire, look up to and be inspired by. She has let the world watch her grow and Im sure that was a very difficult thing to deal with. I love her so much and aspire to be as strong and beautiful (not in a superficial way) as her. She is stunning just by her sheer confidence and you can tell she holds so much power by looking at her.


Young Angelina and you can tell her beauty is completely natural.


Her Billy Bob Thornton days.



Here is a picture of Angie and her children. It is so sweet to see how much she loves to spend time with them all.


Brad and Angelina’s wedding.

How cute is that, she had the kids draw on her veil. That shows how close their family is it is such a sweet thing to see. Definitely something to aspire to.



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