Creating your own business

Currently I am trying to start my clothing business again. I am in the planning stages of it, trying to figure out what styles and fabrics I am going to use for my designs. I am trying to make sure that this makes me money here are a few different things that I have tried before that didn’t work and some things that are working now.

Most important part is research. Nothing bad could come from finding out from other people who took on this feat seen as a good thing in their start up, and also what didn’t work.

I like using excel and the different templates that are premade to set up your business plan and keep up with inventory, you can also check your cash flow.

It is very important to plan things out and do your research to make sure it will be a profitable endeavor. I am so excited to start this up the right way.

I tried rushing into it and I was trying to do custom stuff, and that didn’t work. I don’t like doing custom things because It ruined friendships, that wasn’t fun!

Just be very careful, I am not an expert I am only trying this out after my last failed attempt. I am hoping that getting into it slowly this time It will turn into a profitable business enough to be able to support my little growing family.

If you find any of this helpful, or if you have any tips or things to avoid leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Creating your own business

  1. you are an inspiration to many people. You are constantly searching and researching endeavors and ways to better yourself and your business. God bless you and your little family ❀

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    1. Thank you so much, that is so sweet and really means a lot. I am trying hard to do my best at being successful and trying to get all my bases covered before I leap in and invest more money into my future.


  2. Sin palabras, hacia mucho tiempo que no escuchaba una nota tan interesante, sinceramentete felicitaciones, la disfrute mucho, ojala que sigan muchas mas como estas charlas con gente tan copada…me abrio la caobaa.Saludos,Pzelb. (desde esta semana): un nuevo oyente de perros


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