We’re Cookin’ Somethin’!

So for those of you who don’t follow me on any other social media platform, Me and my boyfriend of five years found out a few months ago WE ARE EXPECTING! Yay! As of tomorrow 6/20/2015 I will be 18 weeks, which is about four months. I’ve only got about 156 days left till my little baby is here. We have decided to keep the gender a secret till the baby shower. We already have a name and so every excited! I won’t be one of those annoying people constantly posting pictures and videos of their babies (I promise)

As for sickness I haven’t had any morning sickness (Thank you Jesus). I did get a little sick for like two weeks but after talking to my doctors they said that sometimes if you eat too much sugar while pregnant it is possible to get morning sickness. I got a lot of different suggestions on how to relieve my stomach (Pregnant pops, Saltines, Ginger, etc.) I just decided to lower my sugar intake and it worked! I am trying to eat healthy and make sure my baby is healthy! This little bugger moves around so much, its like a preview of what is to come!

Although I haven’t gotten much morning sickness, I have been insanely exhausted! I have tried eating more foods that will give me energy but so far nothing has helpped. Before I was pregnant it would take me close to an hour to fall asleep, now I could be completely out within 3-5 minuets! I love it, but it has gotten in the way of getting a lot done. I decided to do something about it so my days will be more productive. I wake up make myself something to eat and I get all my house chores done then I take a nap for 1-2 hours then I eat lunch and I work for the rest of the day. This has helped tremendously, occasionally I do get sleepy after I eat but I just fight on or if it is too bad I will take my nap early. I think it is so important to listen to your body especially while you’re pregnant!

I am trying to make sure I stay on top of all my work I get while I am pregnant. I will admit, it is hard to keep up with it but I am doing my best. I know I haven’t been posting on here as much as I would have liked, but things have gotten crazy! I am learning how to stay on top of all my stuff I need to do so this got put on the back burner. Good news tho!! I will be off of school for three weeks, so I will have enough time to catch up on everything that I have missed!

Stay tuned! You’re in for some good stuff! Love you guys. Hope you all are doing great! Feel free to comment on any tips and tricks to share, or even suggestions for my blog. I am always willing to hear what you all have to say!!




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