Beauty and what that means to me

As an American I grew up watching tv where the spotlight was always on celebrities. Everyone wanted that kind of beauty. What people don’t really realize is, that kind of beauty isn’t real. That kind of beauty is only obtained with money and a surgeon. To me, that isn’t beauty. That is putting a mask on beauty and transforming it into society’s perfect monster. I just got done reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this got me thinking.. this culture we live in perceives these people who are wealthy as perfect and beautiful and has so many beautiful young women and very young girls trying to obtain this kind of beauty that only masks their true beauty. This deeply bothers me, because so many people talk about being unique and not at all like anyone else but if you follow this type of beauty you are buying into (LITERALLY) something that isn’t unique, it is something that is superficial and fake beyond any measure.

All that I am trying to say is that if you cover up who you truly are and your natural beautiful self, the world is really missing out on someone who is so amazing. I really hope that something will change this society enough to help women to know that it isn’t at all about your body, your butt or the size of your butt for that matter it isn’t about anything superficial its about your brain, your character and how you treat others that really counts.  


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