Inspiration of the month: September 2015

Gwen Stefani

Singer of No Doubt since 1986. she started her fashion career, after a short hiatus from music, in 2003. She is the founder of L.A.M.B. and has such an amazing and unique style. All my life I have looked up to and admired her uniqueness and style. She is a mother of three and still makes time to spend with her boys and still have multiple careers.

“Mix of vintage feminine and masculine silhouettes with a playful juxtaposition of hollywood glamour and modern street style influences.” –About Gwen – LAMB

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75989ffbac8717b12515c11459faefb8 a9982ce9d682b46153151ff71b9d62ea b0cf579b6e832f6f885b03a499112a23 b34b42ade7a5ceb8d4d32cd3247e7c9b b9301a0e6fff1d36a07546af7b0b7c41 cefcab37d54d02ae97aab27dfc19fd8b d5df1872aa521d5264d7449a372347a4 d48531b49a6e25df1d83744c9ac79ab5 db935e8fd24bf1e2b911d95feab7ea02 ddf25b8cfa8df4c982fc86082120da64 e022e89c2e1aafb742acec323968c2dc e24b6e0158581655ae73afb5ae22cba6


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