Gender Reveal and Baby Shower Plans

We are having a BOY!!!!!!!! Yay!! We’ve already chose a name, Noah Maddox Gomez. We decided on names before we found out if it was a boy or girl. We are so excited! We are planning the baby showers, at my moms house we are just going to have all blue stuff not really a theme or anything. At my in laws house we are having a vintage car theme. My fiance is very into cars and his dream car is 57 bel air so that is our theme car. As for the colors we are going with white, grey, light blue and dark blue. With all my photoshop and illustrator experience I decided to make myself apart of the party planning and work on the decals and invitations. I am so excited to have it and celebrate my precious little angel coming into this world.


Baby shower Colors


Baby shower invites


As for food we haven’t decided what exactly we are going to do. I want Mexican Juancarlos wants Italian. I want to have a candy bar, he doesn’t. I don’t know what we are going to do.. Here are a few different ideas I had for the food.


I thought making a nice pasta would be good if we did do italian and then maybe also lasagna.


I thought these were so cool, to make individual “Taco Cupcakes”.


Or maybe even these individual seven layer dip cups! I love seven layer dip and I think it would be best in seperate cups to prevent double dipping or any other nastiness.


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