Inspiration of the Month: November 2015

Sorry I have been so busy trying to get the house all ready for when Noah gets here I didn’t even realize it is already November!!

My inspiration this month is Nicole richie, she used to have horrible taste in fashion, but once she got married to Joel Madden its like she instantly grew up and stopped looking like a prostitute. She always looks so polished and put together even when she has her hair purple or pink. I absolutely love her style now. Really makes me miss fitting into all my clothes!

2e36950bae65f3021f548823affd1267    59d6c4956ebbf95a52cc356b94edb2ed 838b85dff9b93ca352eabcf6f4181201 a47c0095cfcea4d947b04a5cd4faec32  0a73c35d38393784122ee9dabe6e197edc224773537a4ab8e442335d0fde6122 3fffb07b78132dab29825f4961e5eb833e719cf75bd3b1bb21897b3af0905787dcb404461ac10369f65b7e722dd97d85 9e497d8fdb15c476c7729a192197d7fbfe0ab64ca84b01a1d33a56a009872398c6d05f1032feac5cdbd6948a15a2b802

I am so inspired by her style and her personality she is so unique I believe that that is what I love about her.


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