What to Wear for the Holidays 2015: On a Budget

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I find myself struggling to figure out what to wear especially not knowing when i’m going to go into labor!

I am hoping I have him before thanksgiving, so I could be a little more comfortable. If he comes before then that would be great and I can dress up in my skinny clothes.

For christmas I was thinking of making my outfit, but I have been looking around to find inspirations. I will share a few of my ideas, and hope that I can decide on something! Since I am about to be a mommy I need to go on a budget, here are a few of my ideas.

Everything  is under $50.

(Click on any image to visit website)

Forever 21

Velveteen Shift DressRibbed high neck dressCrushed velvetHigh neck body con

1) $19.90 2) $14.90 3) $19.90 4) $19.90

Love Culture

Knit Midi Dress 1795Black Cut out jersey knit 1895Burgundy Keyhole knit midi 1995Red high slit dress 1995

1) $17.95 2) $18.95 3) $19.95 4) $19.95


hmprod (1)hmprod (2)hmprod (3)hmprod

1) $9.99 2) $39.99 3) $39.99 4) $9.99



1) $29.99 2) $26.90 3) $29.90 4) $38.90

Here are a few outfits I put together to figure out how I’d wear these.

(Click on image to find out more info on these outfits below)



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