Inspiration of the month: August 2016

So I’m going to do a little something different this month, I’m not going to have someone famous for my inspiration of the month. My mother is my inspiration for this month. This woman is amazing like seriously you can ask anyone that knows her. They will all tell you that she has the biggest heart she is the sweetest and silliest.

(Shes always the one taking pictures so i dont really have many pictures of her. I need to take more of her!)

We were just talking the other day how mothers should also be celebrated during their children’s birthdays because child labor is hard and painful and mothers should be congratulated for their suffering during labor. Since August is my birth month it’s only right for my mom to be my inspiration for August. 

I wish I could be half the mother she is. She has always been so patient with us. She would always read us books when we were going to bed. We would always be at the library renting out as many books as we could hold. When we would wake up in the middle of the night because we had bad dreams even if she had work in the morning she would stay up with us and pray until we went back to sleep. If we were out with our friends no matter what time or how far if we needed a ride she would go get us. If our friends got kicked out or didn’t have a home or place to stay she would welcome them with open arms. We never really had money but always had clothes, food and a roof over our head so did our friends. When we are hungry now as adults she’ll stop what she’s doing and make us food. Whatever we need whenever we need it she has always been there.

My mom is more than an inspiration she is my hero!


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