Postpartum Weight Loss: 8 months

Weight-loss after baby isn’t always easy, for some, like me, it’s hard and takes time.

When I went into the hospital to have Noah my final weigh in was 235, the biggest I’ve ever been! I hated how much I’ve gained and I dreaded going to the doctor and telling them what I weighed before and them saying ‘wow! You gained TOO much’. Ugh how awful! On top of all the other pregnant things hearing all the doctors and nurses saying how big is was. I couldn’t wait to have him so I could start losing weight!

After I had Noah I went down to 210 I was at 210 – 200 for about five months. That really got to me and I hated how I looked, but then I made sure to focus on little goals while keeping my big goal in mind. I was able to really celebrate when I reach my little goals and it helped me to see that I really am doing something. Around the time he turned 6 months is when I finally reached 199! I was ecstatic finally out of 200’S! It felt like forever but I felt like my goal was within reach.

Now at 8 months I am down to 190. I feel wonderful! I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be with working out and eating properly. Trying to juggle my own needs with being a wife and mother is taking me a while to figure out. I workout as often as I can doing squats or lunges when I am walking around the house and using Noah as weights. I have also gotten back to doing yoga I normally tend to do it at least 4 times a week I do it most when my back starts to hurt. I have still been giving in to cravings but I just limit myself instead of fully indulging. I must say it has helped although I know if I did eat right and made time to go to the gym it’d be so much quicker but I feel like this is working well for me.

Luckily my husband (as crazy as I think he is) always says I am perfect how I am now, I’d still like to get down to my prepregnancy weight of 145.


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