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UntitledStephanie Marie Fransway was born in Bellflower, California August 18th, 1991. Her mother is Mexican, Father is French Canadian. She grew up in a small town Hesperia, California. Which is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. She has always had big dreams and always wanted more from life. She fell in love at the young age of 8 with something that completely transformed her life, she asked for a sewing machine for Christmas when all her other friends were getting barbies. She started sketching outfits a year later and making her own clothes.

In March of 2010 her and her family made a big move to Huntington Beach, California. There she started her company SMF Designs, and in 2012 she became a student at The Art Institute of California Orange County.

She has been lucky enough to find the love of her life at a young age, 05/15/2010. A few weeks prior to their five year anniversary they found out they will be parents in the fall.


November 29,2015 was the day their lives changed forever! Their son Noah Maddox Gomez was born being a mother is the most rewarding experience.


April 23, 2016 Juancarlos and stephanie got married.



Email* FranswayDesigns@gmail.com